Grantee Perception Report

by Courtney Price

Wilburforce values feedback. Every few years, the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) surveys our grantees and issues a Grantee Perception Report (GPR). The results ensure that we perform well in areas of particular importance to our strategic approach, and help identify opportunities to improve. As we’ve done with each of our past reports, we’re sharing the findings. We are encouraged by the high ratings grantees give us related to:

  • impact on and understanding of grantee’s fields;
  • impact on grantees’ organizations;
  • the provision of non-monetary assistance;
  • quality of interactions with foundation staff.

The GPR also highlights areas where we would like to continue to improve, including the clarity with which we communicate our goals and strategy to grantees, and how we can work with other foundations to promote the values and approaches that infuse our work.

Protecting important lands, waters, and wildlife in western North America is a collaborative effort. The GPR validates our belief that when we develop strong relationships and provide additional support beyond our grant dollars, we can have an even greater impact in the field. We are grateful to have partners who help us learn and grow so we can be even more effective. Thank you!

Link to 2018 Grantee Perception Report: