Cascade-Siskyous National Monument, Oregon. Photo: Bob Wick/BLM

supporting a thriving interconnected north american west

our funding approach

Wilburforce Foundation supports organizations and individuals who are committed to science-driven conservation efforts and sustainable policies that will have a meaningful and enduring impact on our natural ecosystems. We use conservation science to identify priority regions that correspond with our focus on wildlands and habitat connections that allow wildlife to thrive. Please refer to the map of our priority regions to see our areas of interest.

Resources for grantseekers

Strategic Framework

For more details and information about our funding region, our values, and our approach, please review our Strategic Framework document.

Strategic Framework

Grant Guidelines

For more details and information about how to apply for our grants and an overview of the criteria we look for in our partners and their programs, please review our Grant Guidelines.

Grant Guidelines

Application process

We have three board meetings each year in which grants related to specific priority regions or specific program areas are usually presented. Use the following information to determine which docket best pertains to your work. Please note that if you are interested in submitting a grant proposal, you must first contact the appropriate staff member to discuss your project.

Grants database

We work hard to connect grantees and help conservation leaders share knowledge and resources. Explore our Grants Database to learn more about the programs and organizations we fund.

View the Grants Database


  • What are the deadlines for sending in proposals?

    Deadlines for submitting proposals are determined in consultation with the appropriate program officer prior to developing a proposal.

  • You request that applicants contact a Program officer prior to submitting a grant proposal. Can I submit a proposal without contacting someone first?

    We ask to talk with you about your proposal before you submit it in order to save both of our organizations time, money and resources. By doing so you’ll have a better understanding of our current areas of interest.

  • Can I request funds at any time of the year?

    Generally, no. Except in certain circumstances, grants are considered on one of three dockets each year. The proposal process can be found in our grant guidelines section.

  • Can a grant for my work go on any docket during the year?

    Generally, no. Wilburforce has combined all grants related to specific priority regions or specific program areas into particular dockets. For example, all grants related to the Cascadia Priority Region will be considered during the March docket. The complete docket schedule can be found in the grant guidelines section. Wilburforce may be able to consider “off-cycle” grants if needs or opportunities arise before the appropriate docket. For more information, contact the appropriate Program Officer.

  • Do you fund multiple-year grants?

    We will fund multiple-year grants only at our invitation. If you have a program that you believe may benefit from a multiple-year grant, please ask us if we will consider it before submitting a proposal.

  • If we received a grant last year, when can we apply for another one?

    Except by invitation, we require that each organization has just one active grant at a time. You may submit a proposal before your current grant period has ended, but if it is approved the funding would not be available until the current grant is completed.

  • Are TREC services available to me and my organization?

    TREC, or Training Resources for the Environmental Community, provides coaching, consulting and training services focused on leadership development, capacity building, and leveraging resources to organizations dedicated to habitat conservation and wilderness protection. These services may be available to organizations that are current grantees of Wilburforce, but the demand for TREC services sometimes exceeds their abilities. Please consult with your Program Officer if you have any questions about your likely eligibility.

  • Who funds Wilburforce Foundation?

    We are solely funded by philanthropist Rose Letwin. Following a successful early career in technology, Rose founded Wilburforce Foundation in 1991 with the vision of interconnected lands and waters that support thriving populations of wildlife. Her scientific background informed the foundation’s science-driven philosophy of analyzing problems and designing programs for the greatest impact. The Foundation does not seek donations from other sources.